Trump Supporters Hold ‘Spirit of America' Rally in Southlake

About 200 Trump supporters gathered at Southlake's Liberty Park on Saturday to hold a "Spirit of America" rally.

Those who attended the rally, that coincided with similar rallies held across the country today, said the event was a show of support for President Donald Trump and a response to recent anti-Trump protests.

"Over the last eight years, I've got to where I didn't recognize my country," said Seth Fuller, a Mansfield resident.

Similar rallies were held in Colorado, Washington, Florida, New York, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and elsewhere on Saturday, and some saw clashes with smaller groups of counter-protesters. 

Six people protesting the rally in St. Paul, Minnesota, were arrested on felony riot charges after they lit fireworks inside the Minnesota State Capitol and fled, police said. About 400 people attended the St. Paul event, and about 50 showed up to protest it.

In Nashville, two people were arrested as protesters clashed with Trump supporters at the Tennessee Capitol. In Olympia, Washington, the state patrol says four demonstrators were arrested Saturday at a rally in support of Trump, KOMO-TV reported. Authorities did not say if the people arrested were pro-Trump or anti-Trump. 

Near Mar-a-Lago, the Palm Beach Post reported that people on both sides exchanged profanity. Trump's motorcade briefly stopped so he could wave at supporters.

In Southlake, another Trump supporter said the rally was an opportunity to gather with people who held similar views.

"I think it's important to just be with other like-minded people to kinda realize that you're not alone," said Renisa Bodine, a Lantana resident. "And that other people feel just as strongly as you do about your freedoms and about what's going on."

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