Trump Plans to Protect the Second Amendment

Business at the Eagle Gun Range in Lewisville is booming.

Gun sales are up 40 percent compared to last year, according to owner David Prince.

"When my wife and I started this four years ago, we wanted a place for kids and families to come and learn gun safety," Prince said.

When it comes to the right to bear arms, don't mess with Prince, or his guns.

"Guns don't kill, people kill," he said. "It's the evil in their hearts that causes the problems, not the guns."

That's why he supports Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's stance on the Second Amendment.

"Did you realize that Mexico had a Second Amendment type thing?" Prince said. "They convinced their citizens, who had a right to carry, that the government can protect them. So they confiscated and took all their guns. How's that working out for Mexico right now?"

Trump says the right to keep and bear arms shouldn't be infringed upon, period. He calls it self defense.

Trump says a ban on guns and magazines would be a total failure. Instead, he says we need to take a closer look at mental health issues and enforce the laws already in place.

Prince agrees.

"If a felon gets caught with a gun, he should go to prison," Prince said. "They're letting them out. They're not putting them in prison."

For Prince, when it comes to gun rights, only Trump is a sure shot.

"I don't know of anything that he's produced on his law enforcement, Second Amendment issues that I have any disagreement with," Prince said.

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