Trump Calling on Texans to Join Him in Washington?

In the coming days, more names will be discussed as potential members of a Donald Trump administration, and speculation is already growing about Texans who could join Trump in Washington.

"I never want to say never, but I don't expect any telephone calls," said Rep. Jeb Hensarling. "I don't put much stock into it."

But, he has a big role as Chair of the House Financial Services Committee and a close relationship with Vice President-elect Mike Pence.

"He was probably my closest friend and ally in Congress," said Hensarling.

That friendship has rumors swirling that Hensarling could become our nation's next Treasury Secretary.

Hensarling's not the only Texan being talked about.

Former Governor Rick Perry posted a picture on social media with the caption 'Just got a call to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain.'

Could Perry play a role with veterans or agriculture?

Austin Congressman Michael McCaul has reportedly advised Trump on national security issues.

Garland Tea Party activist Katrina Pierson became a Trump campaign national spokeswoman.

The list of Texans who could join Trump in Washington grows each day, but for Hensarling, he has family obligations to consider.

"The truth is, I have given up pursing other jobs because of the family, professional balance, " he said.

So Washington may be a good place to work, as long as Dallas is still home.

"Listen, if Led Zeppelin reformed and they needed a new drummer and they wanted me to play, I'd never say never, " Hensarling added. "But I don't expect the call to come. I don't expect this call to come, either."

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