Pickup Truck Thefts On the Rise in North Texas

Law enforcement agencies are reporting a rash of pickup truck thefts in North Texas.

According to a March 2016 auto theft report by the Texas Department of Public Safety, 2,440 pickup trucks have been stolen this year.

The number is expected to climb when the numbers are updated for April.

Ford trucks are number one on the list for the most stolen vehicles in Texas. 480 Ford trucks have been reported stolen, followed by GM trucks with 343 and Dodge trucks with 180, the report said.

55 pickup trucks have been reported stolen in Irving.

"The largest number by far are Ford trucks with a total of 22. Nearly half of those were the Ford F250 model," said Irving Police spokesman James McLellan.

Last month, Tarrant County investigators found nearly $50,000 worth of stolen cars and parts at a chop shop concealed in a residential neighborhood.

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