Truck Collides With Overpass, Closes Parts of 183, Loop 12

Roadway to be closed for 7-10 hours, officials say

It could take weeks to repair the damage done to an overpass bridge along eastbound Texas 183 at Loop 12 in Irving after it was struck Friday by a truck hauling a garbage bin.

Officials said the truck was traveling northbound on Loop 12 at about noon when the hydraulic lift mechanism somehow extended while the truck was in motion. As the truck passed underneath the eastbound 183 overpass it struck the bridge, sending large pieces of concrete falling into the roadway below.

The collision ripped the garbage bin and the truck's rear axle completely off of the truck's frame. As the truck came to a stop the rear of the frame carved a large groove into the roadway.

The driver of the truck refused to comment after the crash. An SUV was spotted nearby with a windshield apparently crushed by falling concrete, though no injuries were reported by either of the drivers.

Officials with the Texas Department of Transportation evaluated the structural integrity of the bridge and said the beams supporting part of the deck will need to be replaced.

TxDOT reopened the two inside lanes of eastbound Texas 183 by about 5:45 p.m., because the beams that support those two lanes were not affected. The outside lane of eastbound SH 183 and the shoulder on the bridge will remain closed until full repairs can be made. The schedule for those repairs has not been determined, TxDOT said in a statement Friday.

Substantial closures on Loop 12 will be required at a later date when full repairs to the 183 bridge are completed.

Drivers are being warned to expect delays in the area and are encouraged to seek alternate routes.

NBC 5's Ken Kalthoff and Kevin Cokely contributed to this report.

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