Tropical, Summer Plants Could be in Trouble Thursday Night

The folks at Jackson’s Home and Garden in Dallas aren’t taking any chances Thursday night and they say neither should you with regard to your garden.

They’re going to cover every plant on their outdoor tables, as there’s a mix of plants hearty enough to make it and those that aren’t.

Garden expert Lynn Ore said anything considered a “summer plant” like periwinkle, coleus, sweet potato vine and basil should be brought in or at least covered up with an old bed sheet.  Ore said they don’t do well when temperatures dip below 50-degrees.  We’re going to be way below that Thursday night and Friday morning.

“Another thing that’s really important,” said Ore, “is make sure everything is well-watered because if it’s dry then it hits that cold and it doesn’t have enough moisture to get itself up to help it fight the cold weather.”

Ore said plants like begonias and geraniums that have been out a while should be fine, as they're a bit stronger than the true summer plants.

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