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Trophy Club Softball Team Has Weighted GPA of 4.74

"It's not about a trophy, but a foundation to help the team succeed in life," the team's head coach says

A North Texas softball team has once again earned the title of the smartest high school team in the country.

The Byron Nelson High School softball team, in Trophy Club, has a weighted GPA of 4.740.

That accomplishment has earned them the "National Fastpitch Softball Coaches Associations," all American team award.

But, this distinction wasn't a surprise. The power of teamwork both on and off the field has taken the Trophy Club softball team to a whole other level.

"As a freshman, I came in with some really hard working juniors and seniors," said Maddie Flores, infielder.

Flores said it was motivation and dedication that showed her that it is possible to not only be an amazing athlete, but also a top tier student.

"We just really try to focus on controlling the controllable, so giving our best attitude and effort in the classroom," explained Flores.

"There were two seniors that kind of pulled me aside and they helped me realize it's not just a personal thing, and it's a group effort to be able to excel on the field and off the field," said GiGi Rasmussen, left fielder.

Which is why the NFSCA award of academic achievement comes as no surprise to these young ladies who understand there was already a culture of academic excellence before the recognition.

This is the teams fifth-straight year to earn the top weighted GPA in the country.

"It doesn't get old," said Kathy Schoettle, head softball coach. "I'm super proud of these kids."

Schoettle says winning the award is not the team's goal. She feels that when you focus on being a better person first, other things tend to follow the same pattern of improvement.

"It seems like we're all about winning, not necessarily us, but just a culture, we're all about winning, and these kids are winning in the classroom, and it's nice for them to be recognized for their efforts," said Schoettle.

"I mean, like it's a nice treat so to speak to get the title, but it's not really something that stays on our minds 24/7," said Rasmuessen.

In the end, Coach Schoettle stresses: It's not about a trophy, but a foundation to help the team succeed in life.

Schoettle says some players are taking up to five AP classes at Byron Nelson.

She says one of the biggest things is making sure the girls are turning in all assignments, and learning time management skills.

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