Triple-Digit Heat Returns to North Texas

Highs in the 100s expected for several days

The next few days of summer may remind North Texans of last summer's stretch of blistering heat. The forecast high is expected to reach 100, or slightly higher, for at least through Monday.

NBC 5 Chief Meteorologist David Finfrock said the high at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport was 101 degrees Thursday.

That was only the 7th 100-degree day this year and the first time it's been this warm since July 7.

For comparison's sake, at this same time last summer we had already logged 24 100-degree days. 

Finfrock's forecast called for a high Friday of 101 and Saturday's forecast called for 103.

Saturday's predicted high of 103 is still a few degrees away from our hottest day this summer, which was 106 degrees on June 26.  During an average summer, there are 18 days over 100 degrees.

Comparing this July to last July, the average high has been 96.  Last year the average high was 101.  The average low this year is 75 while last year it was 80.

So, even though it's going to be hot ... remember it could be, and has been, worse.

Finfrock's forecast highs for the remainder of the week are as follows:

Friday - 101
Saturday - 103
Sunday - 101
Monday - 100

See the latest forecasts here.

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