Trinity River Trail Experiences Erosion

Erosion is slowly creeping up the banks of the Trinity River near a busy recreation path.

It's happening off the Trinity Skyline Trail between the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge and the Ron Kirk pedestrian bridge.

Dallas city officials say right now, the public is not in danger.

A bicyclist who frequents the trail says he noticed the heavy erosion on the side as he was cycling.

Texas Sky Ranger was above the trail where a visible significant drop was spotted.

It is technically the jurisdiction of the Trinity Watershed Management. A city spokesman tells NBC 5 that they are in the process of acquiring materials to fix it.

The city also says they plan to begin repairs in the next couple of weeks weather permitting.

That part of the trail where the erosion has occurred will be closed during the repair time for the safety reasons.

Those seeking recreational activities in the area should monitor signage while repairs are underway.

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