Trinity River Distillery Cuts Ties With Co-Founder After Vulgar Message

"It's unfortunate that this situation occurred," the distillery's apology read

A Fort Worth distillery is cutting ties with its co-owner after a photo of vulgar remarks made by his account spread across social media.

The private Facebook messenger conversation appeared to show a tirade of swear words made from the account of Ben Alexander, co-owner of the Trinity River Distillery.

The screen shot only appeared to show a portion of the Feb. 10 conversation, in which Alexander wrote, "If there is ever a civil war, be rest assured, every communist piece of [expletive] will be [expletive] SLAUGHTERED!!!!"

An apology posted Monday night on the distillery's official Facebook page read:

"On behalf of Trinity River Distillery, we sincerely apologize for the statements made by Ben Alexander. He is no longer affiliated with Trinity River Distillery, and his views do not reflect the values or opinions of Trinity River Distillery or its brands, including Texas Silver Star Whiskey, Texas Silver Star Vodka, or Texas Silver Star Honey Liqueur. It's unfortunate that this situation occurred, but we hope to move forward now that action has been taken."

The "Our Story" section of the distillery's website said Alexander, a U.S. Navy veteran, co-founded the distillery in 2011 alongside Don Alexander.

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