Trinity Habitat for Humanity Builds First Tiny Home

The Fort Worth nonprofit plans to sell the home for $19,500

Trinity Habitat for Humanity usually builds traditional houses for deserving families, but is experimenting with a growing trend -- tiny homes.

The Fort Worth nonprofit has nearly finished its first "tiny home" and planned to sell it for $19,500. Unfinished work on the inside remained for the buyer to complete.

Trinity Habitat for Humanity built the house on its parking lot in West Fort Worth, but it can be moved anywhere.

It is one-bedroom, one-bathroom -- and just 288 square feet. It's 12 feet wide and 24 feet long.

"We do have something unique," said Trinity Habitat for Humanity CEO Gage Yager. "It’s exciting."

Yager gave NBC 5 a tour.

"So we're in the bedroom here," he said. "It's a small bedroom. There should be some shelves here. Little, itty-bitty closet area here."

Climb up a ladder and there's a small loft with enough room for a mattress.

And it's all energy efficient.

"Tiny electric bills for your tiny home," Yager said. "It's part of the package."

Yager stressed Trinity Habitat for Humanity would not stop building traditional homes and was not quite sure what the future was for tiny houses.

"We put it together to see if there's any demand out there and I think they're pretty cool," he said.

It's clearly not for everyone, especially the claustrophobic.

Habitat has had interest from potential buyers, but for now, it's first tiny home remains unsold.

"We'll see," Yager said. "We don't know the depth of it, but wanted to give it a go and use our materials and turn around and sell it and see where the Lord leads us."

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