Travelers Say Greyhound Lost Their Luggage, Couldn't Recover Bags

Greyhound reimbursed each costumer $250

Jacqueline Williams doesn't play when it comes to her belongings.

"You give me my bag back and I'll leave you alone," she said.

In July, she traveled on a Greyhound bus from Dallas to Chicago for her family reunion.

Midway through the trip, she said they had to change buses in Memphis.

"I said, 'Did you all get all of the luggage off the bus from Dallas?' He said, 'Yes ma'am,'" she explained.

But when she got to Chicago, she said her bag wasn't on the bus.

Everything she needed for her family reunion was missing inside that bag, including her medicine.   

"I'm a diabetic. I need my medicine. That's not funny," she said.

Williams said she called Greyhound's corporate office to track down her bag.

"I gave them my name and my ticket number. They said, 'Yes ma'am. We found the bag. It's in Memphis,'" she said.

Williams said they assured her that the bag would be in Dallas by the time she got back from her family reunion.

But when she made it back to the Dallas station, she said it wasn't there.

Williams said she was told it was somewhere inside their Dallas warehouse, but they still couldn't find it.

"Then you all need to come out of those glass doors, go to the warehouse and see what those people are doing. Go to the warehouse and see what they are doing. You paying 'em," she said.

Williams said she went to Greyhound for a third time after she learned they'd found her bag.

But when she saw the luggage, she said she realized it wasn't hers.

"I said, 'Okay! I had enough of talking to you all! My next step is the news,'" she said.

And she called NBC 5 Responds for help.

After several weeks of working with Greyhound, the company sent NBC 5 Responds an email that said they were able to locate the bag at the warehouse.

But shortly after, another update: The bag they found didn't belong to Williams.

NBC 5 Responds asked Greyhound to reimburse Williams for the missing bag, and the company agreed.

About a week later, she received a check for $250.

She said she planned to put that $250 in her bank account and will save it until the next family reunion.

Warren Smith said his bag went missing during his Greyhound trip as well.

He said Greyhound found the bag, and then didn't find the bag.

"It was a mess," Smith said.

NBC 5 Responds got involved and Greyhound sent him a check as well for $250.

In both cases, Greyhound said they needed the customers claim stubs. But both consumers said they had sent everything to Greyhound.

Neither consumer had baggage insurance so Greyhound said that was the most they could pay out.

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