Travelers May Snag Better Last-Minute Deals

The cost of last-minute travel can be a shocker.

Travelers at DFW Airport remember the horror stories --  "How much have we paid at the last minute?  It was like 700 bucks -- normally a ticket that's like 310"

But listen to what the people at Travelocity are saying -- "Normally, last-minute airfare can be hundreds of dollars more, and that's just not what we're seeing this year."

Jennifer Gains from Travelocity say you can land last-minute deals to many popular destinations like New York, Orlando, Denver, and Vegas -- if you know how to spot a good deal. 

What's the trick? Remember this number: $400; that's the average price of a domestic roundtrip ticket.

Gaines says, "Keep that price point in mind and consider it the number to beat."

The economy is a big part of the reason why there are so many last-minute deals. Airlines have more empty seats and hotels have more empty rooms.  They're simply trying to fill them.

"Las vegas has phenomenal deals right now in terms of your hotel," claims Gaines is just one place to look for rock-bottom prices.

"They have specialized technology that locates unsold airline seats, hotel rooms and rental cars," Gaines mentioned.

But wherever you look, be ready to buy so you can be on your way. After all, Christmas is just days away.

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