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Travelers Arriving at DFW Airport Greeted By Unusually Warm Temperatures

'This hat and hoodie might have to go,' joked Chicago man

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When arriving passengers walked out of DFW Airport on Christmas Eve, they were welcomed by temperatures in the low 80s.

"Man, I don't know. I don't know what's going on with this weather,” said Konnie Tucker who just flew in to visit her best friend for the holidays. “It was freezing cold in St. Louis."

December will almost certainly be the hottest on record in North Texas, experts say.

Amanda Glick was in North Carolina just a few hours before stepping off the plane in North Texas.

"It's kind of like summer. Well, gentle summer,” Glick said. "I kind of peeked because I checked my weather beforehand but I am wearing Uggs in 80-degree weather."

United and Delta together canceled more than 600 flights Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, partly because of staffing shortages related to the Omicron variant.

But DFW's hometown airlines American and Southwest reported few problems.

"It's been smooth traveling. It's busy but everything's been good,” Glick said.

Reggie Hill, a 21-year-old professional acrobat from Chicago, arrived from the Windy City – to the Warm City, where it was about 30 degrees hotter.

"The weather out here in Dallas is definitely amazing especially compared to Chicago,” Hill said. “Like, it's freezing out there."

He summed up what many travelers are thinking.

"This hat and hoodie might have to go, I'm not going to lie,” Hill said.

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