Trash Pickup Goes to Once a Week for Some in Dallas

Dallas residents' regular days for trash pickup may be changing next week.

Neighborhoods west of Central Expressway and north of the Trinity River will see their pickup days go from twice a week to just once a week starting Monday. 

Residents in the Oak Lawn area such as Joey Smith said they were surprised to see the notice attached to garbage bins Thursday.

"Well, the first thought I had was, it must be a cost-cutting measure by the city," Smith said. "I wondered if they were going to either lay people off or reduce trucks or reduce staff."

But the city's Sanitation Department said the scheduling change will better serve residents' needs and usage.

"I think it's fine," resident Tom Fox said. "I only really need to put my trash out once a week."

Recycling pickup will also increase from every other week to once a week, on the same day as trash gets collected. The city of Dallas already reduced trash pickup to once a week in neighborhoods in North Dallas north of LBJ Freeway and west of Central Expressway in March.

But some Oak Lawn residents said they worry that what's good for those areas may not be good for them.

"With all the people living in the complex here, trash fills up pretty quick," said Oak Lawn resident Shannon Moon. "Once a week I don't think is going to cut it."

The schedule change comes with a perk -- sanitation fees will decrease citywide by 20 cents a month.

For more information, go to the city's Web site dedicated to the scheduling change at:

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