Trapped Tornado Survivor: “All I Could Do Was Scream”

Woman describes her rescue from the rubble of her home

A Moore, Okla., woman says a passer-by pulled her from the rubble of her home minutes after Monday's deadly tornado.

Lynne Holman was trapped in the ruins of her bathroom, buried alive beneath pieces of her roof and house. The bathroom walls are the only ones walls in her house still standing.

"I'm shaking just thinking about it," she said. "It was really scary."

Holman just moved to Moore about seven months ago. She lived about half a mile away from Plaza Towers Elementary, which was also destroyed.

"I started feeling the wind on my feet as if I didn't have any shoes on, and it started to grab at my feet," she said. "I was thinking, 'I can't lay here; it's going to take me,' and so I like army-crawled into the bathroom."

Then Holman heard and felt the house fall around and on her.

"And to hear the house come apart and just to hear everything crashing around -- all I could do was scream," she said. "That was all I could do, was scream."

In the chaos, she heard a voice.

"But I started yelling, 'I'm in here,' and some guy came around and he goes, 'Oh, my God,'' she said. "He started pulling stuff off of me and got me out of the house."

When Holman returned on Wednesday, she found another survivor -- her kitten.

Her boyfriend called for the kitten, and they heard an answering meow.

"We started hearing this meow, and she came out. She was alive; she's not hurt," she said.

"It was incredible to see her come out of the rubble," Holman said.

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