Trapped Kitten Found in Storm Drain

A trapped kitten was found trapped in a storm drain, possibly for several days

A multitude of faint meows led to the discovery of a small kitten trapped in a storm drain in Dallas earlier Wednesday.

The kitten's meows were heard by residents near the 900 block of Bagley, according to the City of Dallas. Residents called animal control officers who quickly came to assess the situation. They were told by residents that the kitten could have been trapped in the drain since last weekend.

The animal control officers realized they would need camera equipment to navigate the storm drain and find the kitten, so they called in Dallas Water Utilities for some assistance, the City of Dallas said.

Together, the team identified the location of the trapped kitty and cleared out debris that had clogged the drain and blocked access to the kitten's escape.

The furry feline finally emerged out of the musty drain and is now resting comfortably in an animal shelter.

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