Trapped for Two Days, A Meals on Wheels Client Says Volunteers Saved Him

A father and daughter who were volunteering together to deliver Meals on Wheels followed their instincts when delivering to a regular client back in December.

When George Kelley failed to answer the door to Charlie Tupper and his daughter, Abby Tupper, the volunteers persisted to make sure Kelley was alright.

As our partners at the Dallas Morning News first reported, their persistence is credited with saving the 74-year-old.

Kelley said the story began when he fell in his living room. He lost consciousness and when he came to, he couldn’t move. His phone was across the room and he couldn’t reach his scooter to sound the horn for help.

"It feels helpless," said Kelley. "I mean, it feels like the whole world left you by yourself and nobody is responding."

The retired machinist lives alone in an apartment in Dallas. He estimates he was stuck on the floor for two and a half days. He remembers falling on a Saturday, coming to and hearing football on the TV indicating it was Sunday. Then, Monday there was a knock at the door.

Charlie Tupper and his daughter, a Registered Nurse, became worried when Kelley responded to their knock but didn’t come to the door like he usually does.

"I got a response of just OK, which is not abnormal at all for Mr. Kelley," explained Tupper. "So we waited and he didn’t come to the door. That was a little unusual."

Tupper said Kelley called out for Tupper to leave the meal at the door.

Tupper left the food, but returned after making a few more deliveries.

"I just knew something wasn't right, you just get this feeling," Tupper explained.

When he returned, he continued to keep Kelley talking and learned Kelley was stuck and couldn't get up.

Tupper called for help.

Kelley believes it was in the nick of time.

"You did save my life, I will put it that way," said Kelley.

"I think it's something anybody would have done," said Tupper. "It's something everybody ought to do: love your neighbor as yourself and do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Tupper, a 76-year-old attorney, has delivered meals to Kelley for two years. He said he makes monthly deliveries to about 20 clients.

According to The Visiting Nurses Association of Texas, more than 2,500 qualifying seniors have requested meals but are not being served due to lack of funding and volunteer support.

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