Fort Worth

Transforming Fort Worth's ‘Stop Six' District

City leaders are working to transform a section of Fort Worth known as "Stop Six."

Architects, developers, Fort Worth Housing Solutions, and City Council members have worked together to re-zone and design the new plans for District 5.

Construction is in the works to lay down new pavement for the roads and sidewalks, street lights, and landscaped medians. Vacant lots will also be transformed into community gardens.

Families who live in the Cavile Place Apartments will also see major changes and growth, starting with a new police sub station. "We want to get to community policing," said City Council member Gyna Bivens, who resides over district 5. "This is an investment, and we want the residents here to know that resources are coming," she said.

Cavile Place Apartments were built in 1954. The 300 units will eventually be torn down, and 225 new units will be put in its place. 75 other units will be dispersed throughout the surrounding area.

"When the complex goes down and comes back up it will be like a phoenix. You won't see apartments like this, you'll see apartments and single family homes, you'll see duplexes, townhomes, and a different landscape for these 27 acres," said Council Member Bivens.

The total revitalization project will take 10-15 years.

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