Trains at NorthPark Center Are Back to Raise Money, Spread Holiday Cheer

The miniature train exhibit helps raise money for sick kids and their families staying at the Ronald McDonald House of Dallas.

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This weekend marked the return of The Trains at NorthPark Center, the largest annual fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House of Dallas. 

The exhibit is the largest miniature train display in Texas and set against a backdrop of holiday landscapes. 

This year’s kid conductor is 4-year-old Deborah Najarro.

“This family has stayed so positive, so it was just a little something we could do to make their stay with us a little better and a little more special,” said Ronald McDonald House of Dallas CEO Jill Cumnock.

Cumnock said it was a way to honor Deborah and her family. 

“They’re from El Salvador, and she was born without her left extremities, so no arm or leg," Cumnock said. "They came here to be treated at Scottish Rite and to get prosthetics."

Patrons can buy customized railcars and watch them run on the tracks at NorthPark.

But this year, the pandemic will likely cut ticket sales to see the trains in half, officials said.

“We are limiting the number of people in the space, so we can maintain social distance between each family. So that’s where we are going to see the decrease in ticket sales, because we just can’t sell as many because we can’t fit as many people in,” says Cumnock. 

This year’s tickets have to be purchased online and for a specific day.  

Click here for tickets and other information.

The exhibit runs through Jan. 3.

NBC 5 is a sponsor of The Trains at NorthPark.  

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