Toxic Gas Remains Contained in Tanker Car After Train Derails

Gas used in refrigerators, air conditioners

The toxic gas inside of a derailed train car is not leaking from the tank, according to emergency officials in Garland.

The train tanker car derailed around 9 p.m. Tuesday along a set of tracks near Jupiter Road and Interstate 635 in Garland.

The tanker is hauling a refrigerant gas, R-134, which is used in refrigerators and vehicle air conditioners.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the gas is not toxic to people in small doses.  Long-term exposure, or inhaling a large amount of the refrigerant can reduce oxygen in the bloodstream, and could sicken or eventually kill someone.

The derailed car will sit on its side until a private contractor can arrive later this morning and safely remove it.

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