Town Hall Meeting Addresses Concerns About Assaults in Oak Lawn

On Monday night community members from Oak Lawn sat down for a town hall meeting with Dallas County District Attorney Susan Hawk.

"It's public knowledge that there's been an increase in crime in the Oak Lawn area," Hawk told the crowd. "We have heard you and we want to follow up with you." 

The crowd asked questions about arrests. Police don't have any suspects.

"No one has been caught," Hawk said. "But that's not because (the) Dallas Police Department is not doing their job." 

Michael Fletcher rose his hand to speak. He said he was attacked last August.

"I received a brain injury, concussion, lost two teeth," Fletcher told the crowd. "The officers arrived during the attack."

There were no arrests. 

"A victim, is a victim, is a victim," said Deputy Chief Catrina Shead. "We will always support you and always make sure things are done right."

Shead went so far as to give out her phone number.

"We're still here to serve you," Shead said. 

Both police and the district attorney encouraged victims and witnesses to the assaults to come forward. Some have not in the past. 

"I want everyone in this room to understand, if we can prosecute a hate crime, we will," Hawk assured.

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