Towing Could Ruin Your Music Fest Fun

A free concert came with a big price tag for some concert-goers on Saturday.

Dozens of drivers visiting Reunion Park for the March Madness Music Festival left the afternoon shows to find their vehicles had been towed.
Dallas Police said people were parking in private lots. Those lot owners charge different prices and customers pay an attendant or a machine.
They’re then given a receipt of payment and told to put the colored card on their dashboard to indicate they’d paid for the spot.
However, some drivers told NBC 5 on Saturday they had not followed those directions, taking the receipts with them. 
That meant even though they’d paid, they were still subject for towing.
Longhorn Wrecking, Inc. driver Richard Molina said in one lot, as many as 14 vehicles had been towed by dusk.
“It's right on the wall - $10 to park!" he said.
Fines for towing can be up to $200, drivers told NBC 5.
However, according to Molina, if car owners can produce proof of payment, they may just be stuck with the inconvenience of picking up a vehicle up to 10 miles away instead of paying the fine.
"They give them instructions up front,” Molina said.
“But if they did pay and they can prove it with the slip, they'll give it back to them for free.”
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