Tougher Bike Rules of Road in Works for Dallas

Dallas city leaders want to promote bicycle use and are working on new rules to help protect bike riders from cars on the street.

The rules were up for a vote Wednesday.

Mayor Mike Rawlings said he pushed for the changes nine months ago after encountering unruly drivers while he was on his bicycle.

The measure would make it easier for police to cite drivers who get to close to "vulnerable vehicles" on the road.

But City Council members had questions about the changes and sent them to a committee for further review.

Council members said they have noticed the pavement markings that recently appeared around the downtown area that are intended to remind drivers that they must share the road with bikes.

But some said they want to see dedicated lanes set off for bicycles instead of marking regular lanes for sharing.

Rawlings said he wants the measure back for a vote within a few weeks.

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