Tornado Throws Woman in Recliner

Survivor says wind was like nothing she's ever felt

A Kennedale woman and the recliner she was sitting in were thrown when an EF-2 tornado struck her mobile home Tuesday.

Roberta Minnono, who was recovering from knee surgery, was home alone and could not get to sturdy shelter when the storm hit.

"I'm in awe that I even survived," she said.

Minnono was watching NBC 5's coverage of the storm as it approached from her favorite recliner.

"I held on to that little dog when the house started closing in on us," she said.

"I felt the wind coming, and I look out, and I seen our porch just pick up and shoot out, and I looked back toward her house, and I seen our back porch, the same thing, it just folded up and took off," she said.

Minnono said she felt the walls closing in on her. Then, the trailer started flipping.

"Once that stopped, the rolling stopped, I look up, and we're off the ground, and we're in that swirl, and I see our stuff going round and round," she said.

"All of a sudden, I hit the ground really hard, and I see that big TV coming straight at us," Minnono said.

The TV was stopped by her kitchen cabinets, an answer to the prayer she said uttered over and over.

"When I come out of everything, we were sitting over there, closer toward the middle of the courtyard there, and I just could not believe the devastation, that we were alive, that God had spared our lives," Minnono said.

Her recliner was tossed into an adjacent field 75 feet away.

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