Outdoor Warning Siren Takes Dallas Couple By Surprise

A Dallas couple is calling on the city to move an outdoor warning siren installed just outside their home this past Tuesday.

Jorge and Angela Gonzalez live on Northaven Road in North Dallas where the siren and 40-foot pole were installed on fire station property that borders their home.

“As you can see it is basically the centerpiece of our home now,” Anglea Gozalez said, pointing at the pole which can be seen above the bushes in her backyard.

The couple said they are worried about the loud noise the siren puts out, which can exceed 90-decibels. They also worry its appearance will hurt their property value. 

“We are hoping that there is something they (City of Dallas) can do, they can hear our concerns and maybe there is a way we can get this fixed,” Jorge Gonzalez said.

Rocky Vaz, the city of Dallas Director of Emergency Management, said the city is looking at potentially moving the siren but said it must find another suitable spot where the city owns the property and has access to power, among other things.

“Our primary concern is public safety and that we are able to provide the warning to residents in a timely manner,” Vaz said.

Vaz said a 2016 study recommended Dallas add 20-sirens to what was already the largest siren infrastructure in the country. In 2018, the city approved funding for six new sirens, which costly roughly 30-thousand dollars apiece, in the areas of greatest need including the one near the Gonzalez’s home. Vaz said moving forward the city will change its policy to make sure residents are notified prior to the construction of a new siren.

“Moving forward we are going to make sure before the installation we notify homeowners,” Vaz said.

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