Tornado Debris Still Lines Streets of Dallas Nearly 2 Weeks After Storms

It will likely take weeks, or more, to completely clear the damage done by an EF-3 tornado nearly two weeks ago.

Piles of storm debris, stacked several feet high, litters the sidewalks and curbs that line the streets of Dallas impacted by an EF-3 tornado nearly two weeks ago.

To more effectively process and haul away all of the branches, broken limbs and other items along the streets, the City of Dallas has suspended all bulk trash collection in the rest of the city that was not part of the tornado zone.

In the interim, some residents have gone out of pocket and taken it upon themselves to pay private contractors to haul off their massive piles of debris.

Bill Callis, who lives along Northport Drive, just east of the badly-damaged campus of the Saint Mark’s School of Texas, went in with a few neighbors and paid four figures to a crew that came up from Houston to buy some peace of mind.

"Driving down the street every morning from the hotel we are staying in, seeing the yards, stacked with trees, was just a reminder of that night," Callis said. "We really didn’t know how long it’s going to take the City of Dallas to come out. They have their hands full. The storm was terrible. So, from an emotional standpoint, it was kind of like a cleansing."

Several questions to the City of Dallas on Thursday morning, including ones asking for the number of crews dedicated to storm debris removal and a potential timeline for the process, have gone unanswered.

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