Tornado-Damaged Restaurant Flips Burgers Again

Patty Shack Burgers gets back on its feet after six weeks

Patty Shack Burgers is once again taking orders, pouring drinks and flipping burgers.

The vintage burger joint in Grand Prairie was shut down for nearly two months to repair damage sustained during the April 3 outbreak of tornadoes.

"[The tornado] ripped our roof off," owner Kyle Bryson said. "It just peeled it off like a sardine can. It took the whole restaurant out. We had to rebuild everything."

The restaurant reopened for the first time Monday.

"We found out it was opening day today, and we were like, 'Cool, let's go eat,'" said Guillermo Foster Jr., who used to frequent the restaurant before the tornado struck.

"It was real tough, because you live this every day and to not have the normalcy of coming in and opening the restaurant and serving your guests, I just felt like a lost sheep out there," Bryson said.

He said he never considered closing his doors for good.

"We only looked at it as, 'We've got a huge obstacle to overcome, and we're going to make it, and we're going to come out of it and be bigger and better after the storm.' And as you can see, we're bigger and better."

Bryson said he also picked up some life lessons.

"Be thankful for everything that you have -- your family, your job, for everything -- because you never know when it's going to go," he said.

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