North Texas

Tornado Confirmed After Several Mesquite Homes Damaged

The tornado moved through Mesquite around 8 a.m. Saturday

The National Weather Service confirmed late Saturday that an EF-0 tornado was responsible for damaging several Mesquite homes.

That tornado came through on the southwest side of the city some time before 8 a.m. Saturday as North Texas was hit by severe storms.

The tornado seemed to track a straight line down an alley behind Allen Drive before it hit a couple of homes on Cedarcrest Drive, hit a nearby church and crossed I-635.

"The breeze sound woke me up, but the way that the house was shaking, that's what really had me afraid," Genevieve Freenam-Massa said.

Freenam-Massa said it felt like her home was being uprooted. Downed trees kept her family from getting out until help arrived. Once they did, they realized a large portion of the roof was missing and several windows had been shattered.

They, along with others, spent the day patching things up, so they'd be able to sleep there that night.

"The roof was off. You could see straight through there. And see the glass on the door? Everything's scattered," Freenam-Massa said.

But a few doors down, there was little left to patch at a house where the garage appeared to have been ripped away.

The mother and son sleeping inside made it out safely as did everyone else in the neighborhood.

Emmanuel Pentecostal Church announced that Sunday services will be canceled. 

The tornado damaged two of its buildings and left behind debris and a power outage. The church said authorities have asked them to keep people away.

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