Topping Out Ceremony Held for Six Flags' Newest Ride

Six Flags Over Texas held a 'topping out' ceremony on Monday for its newest ride, "The Joker."

The purple and green "free fly coaster" will first lift riders elevator-style up a 12 story, 90-degree hill then flip riders forward and backward.

The theme park says each ride will be different and that riders can flip up to six times or more during the approximately one minute ride.

The ride features two beyond 90-degree "raven" drops that give the sensation of free-falling.

Workers Top Out The Joker Ride at Six Flags Over Texas

Some face-off seats will allow riders to face one another as they tumble head over heels.

The Joker will anchor the park's other villainous rides in the Gotham City section of the park. The Joke opens in spring 2017.

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