Tarrant County

Tools Stolen From National Guardsman Building Home in Tarrant County

The incident happened early Sunday morning, Zac Cranford says

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Someone stole tools, a generator and an ATV early Sunday morning from the Tarrant County site where an Army Reservist says he is working to build a dream home for his family.

"Our neighbor called and said the gate was off the hinges," Zac Cranford said. "So it looks like they has a pry bar or something."

Zac and Sarah Cranford said they hoped to get out of their apartment and move into the home by Christmas -- already with a 1-year-old and a second baby on the way.

"My dad always told me to roll with the punches and don't let them get you down, because if you do then they win twice," Zac Cranford said. "He came over Sunday and he said do what you can to get back to work, but don't let them win twice."

A neighbor loaned Cranford a temporary generator, so he could continue to work on the home at night, and friends are helping to raise money to replace the stolen tolls.

Friend set up a GoFundMe page to help the family recover the items.

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