Tony Romo’s Wife Talks Family, Faith and Life After Football

Candice Romo gives rare glimpse into life of Dallas' most famous sports family

On the heels of an incredible 2014 football season, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo's wife, Candice Romo, looks back with incredible memories.

"Yes, halfway through I was like, 'This feels really good. I didn't know a season could be this fun,'" Candice Romo said. "That's always how it works. When expectations are low, it gives you room to surprise people. It was just a really memorable year."

Not every year has been like the 2014 season. Her husband, Tony Romo has taken a lot of heat.

"As a wife, what's hard and sad is that I love him so much and what he does and everything about him. You want everyone to love your husband just as much as you do," she said. "People don't get to see his funny side and off-the-field personality, and what he does at home."

The Romos has two young boys, 3-year-old Hawkins and 1-year-old Rivers. What do they think about their daddy the quarterback?

"To them, daddy is daddy. They don't know him as the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys and they probably shouldn't and will never see him in that light," Candice Romo said.

She has a box full of pictures and mementos so that the boys can look back on their father's incredible career one day.

"It's going to be such a blip on the radar in our kids' lives. So I am pushing it a lot," she said.

After every game, the Romos' extended family and close friends come over, win or lose.

"He wants to escape after a loss. Usually our escape of choice is movies. We are big movie people," Candice Romo said.

Faith, she said, is the Romo family's rock.

"I don't know how we would get through certain times without the Lord and the community that we surround ourselves with," she said.

North Texas is home, but Candice Romo said life after football is a big question mark.

"We talk about it, but we try not to plan it too much because we really don't know. Really, we are just living every year envisioning another season," she said.

The Romos hope for more children, but for now, they're just living it one day at a time.

"As of now, I am really enjoying being a mom and being 'home manager' here at the Romo residence for a while," Candice Romo said, with a smile.

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