Toddler Battling Cancer Receives Rock Star Treatment At Allen Hockey Game

A three-year-old battling cancer received the rock star treatment at Friday night’s Allen American’s game.

Wyatt Brooks was born with various medical conditions. He has down syndrome and went through open-heart surgery at eight-weeks-old. Then in June, he was diagnosed with leukemia.

“This our first time leaving our house that didn't involve cancer treatment since June 2,” said Wyatt’s mom Nichole Brooks.

At the game, Wyatt met players in the locker room, sat rinkside during warm-ups, and rode the Zamboni during intermission.

“It’s funny because as a mom, this is probably one of the most difficult things I could ever imagine going through but watching him go through it it’s impossible to get down about this,” Brooks said.

A percentage of tickets sales go towards Wyatt's medical expenses.

Wyatt returns to Children's Health next Monday for another dose of chemotherapy.

For now, fun may be the best medicine for a 3-year-old forced to grow up so fast.

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