Something Good: New Swing Brings Smiles at Wylie Park

When the kids head to the park, what do they run to first? Most often it's the swing set.

A mom in Wylie wanted that for her little boy, too, but he didn't fit in the swings.

What the city's parks department did is "something good."

Judy Truesdell, a City of Wylie spokeswoman, sent NBC 5 video of the little boy grinning ear to ear as he went back and forth in a swing. "We can't stop smiling at this video of Noah Nabiuch, swinging in the new special needs swing at Wylie Lakes Park," she wrote.

Noah, 6, has developmental challenges which keep him out of the regular park swings. He's too big for the baby swings.

So, Noah's mom, Alecia Babiuch, emailed the city's parks supervisor to ask if a special needs swing could be installed. “It would mean so much to our family and to Noah to be able to do something that all the other kids are doing," wrote Babiuch.

Parks supervisor Brent Stowers soon wrote Noah's mom to tell her that the request was granted.

“Thank you so much! We are grateful for your dedication to the City of Wylie and our community. We are so proud to live here!” Alecia Babiuch wrote to the city.

She also says her boy is now swinging up a storm.

"Thanks to Noah and his mom, Wylie will soon be installing additional special swings in other playgrounds," Truesdell said.

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