Tell Me Something Good – Students Overcome Challenges to Earn Diploma

A high school diploma never looked as good as it does in the hands of students who never thought they'd earn one.

That accomplishment was Tuesday's Tell Me Something Good.

Students from Texans Can Academy - Fort Worth Lancaster can now proudly say they are high school graduates.

A special commencement ceremony on Friday celebrated young men and women who persevered in the face of overwhelming challenges.

"Some of the students will be the first in their families to receive a high school diploma," spokeswoman Allison Rhodes wrote in an email. "Some will not have families at their graduation and have pushed through high school on their own. Most will walk across the stage to hold a diploma that seemed impossible to earn just a few years ago."

According to Rhodes, "Texans Can Academies are a unique network of 14 charter schools located in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio. The schools are tuition-free, open enrollment, public high schools of choice serving students who have struggled in a traditional high school setting. To date, more than 151,883 youth have been given a second chance at life with the opportunity to pursue their dreams."

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