‘Tis the Season for Holiday Sicknesses

Memories aren’t the only things we share during the holidays.

“During the holidays, we have a lot of people coming together”, said Dr. Ray Tsai with Children’s Medical Center Dallas. “So, it is really important to practice good hand hygiene”.

“With the weather changes of the holiday season, we see a lot of children, we have cough, runny nose, fever”, said Dr. Tsai. “So, it is really important, especially as we get into the holiday season and people are gathering together to wash your hands frequently with soap and water and to make sure that if children are sick, that they cough into their shirt sleeve so as to avoid spreading those germs to others.”

The flu season normally peaks right after the holidays, when everyone has returned home from traveling to be with family and friends.

“As you travel to other parts of the United States, you could come in contact with individuals with the virus,” said Zachary Thompson with Dallas Health and Human Services.

“We normally see a peak period in January and February and that’s because everybody’s coming back from traveling and now we’re seeing more of the virus,” Thompson said.

“You’ve got to practice cough etiquette, cough in your sleeve, make sure that you wash your hands and that’s the key factor in preventing the germs from spreading,” said Thompson.

There are still plenty of flu vaccines available, and doctors say it's never too late to get a flu shot.

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