Tired of The Cold That Just Won't Quit? You Are Not Alone.

This year's cold season has had lingering effects on North Texans.

Dr. Victor Burgos at Doctors Express in Southlake has treated hundreds of people suffering from prolonged cold this season.

The typical cold can last up to two weeks, but there are a few reasons it seems many patients have been experiencing symptoms longer than that.

Dr. Burgos said it's possible, you're getting back-to-back colds - two different viruses, one right after another.

There are 200 known viruses that cause the common cold. Back-to-back colds are common in cold weather, when you’re in closer proximity with more people.

Another reason could be you don't actually have a cold. You may be suffering from allergies instead.

Experts advise that it's possible lingering colds may progress to something worse, in which case, a visit to the doctor is best. 

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