Tips to Pick Out the Right Tree for Your Landscape Just in Time for Texas Arbor Day on Friday

This Friday is Texas arbor day which means now is the perfect time to pick out the right tree for your landscape.

Texas AgriLife horticulturist Daniel Cunningham stopped by NBC 5 on Wednesday to offer tips to help you get growing.

Most people associate Arbor Day with the spring, but you say now is actually a better time to plant trees in Texas?

Spring in Texas can be pretty hot in most years, and trying to establish a tree when temperatures are in the 90s can be pretty rough. So, in 2013 Texas established its own arbor day on the first Friday in November. If we plant trees now, they can ease into their new surroundings as they transition into dormancy as temperatures cool.

What should folks look for when picking the right tree for their property?

Unfortunately, the past year has been devastating for the tree canopy in large portions of North Texas and many of our trees are in need of being replaced. But before you invest in a tree, it’s important to make sure you are picking the right tree for the right spot -- so the tree has room to grow and so homeowners can get the most benefit. The plant tag is your first line of defense, but there are also some other great resources to help make the decision process easier.

If deciduous trees (trees that lose their leaves) are planted on the west or southwest side of your home, they can actually help reduce your utility bills in summer and winter. Evergreen trees planted on the north side of our homes can help cut down on winter winds. Many ornamental trees can help provide color in the bloom and in the foliage in landscapes that are better suited for smaller trees.

And there are some great tools to help our viewers select the right trees for their property?

The Texas AgriLife Trees for North Texas guide lists my favorite trees for DFW.

The Texas A&M Forest Service’s Tree Selector tool is helpful.

Oncor's Energy-Saving Trees tool will help you put your tree in the best spot to save energy!

Plus, you have some resources where folks can go to connect with the tree replanting efforts across DFW?

The Texas Trees Foundation and ReTREEt are two tree-based nonprofits that are working to replant trees after the recent devastating storms in our area and you can help by getting involved.

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