Tips for Dealing With Damaged Deliveries

One tip: Make your purchase with a credit card

You may have experienced buying an item and receiving it damaged. A consumer we spoke with says that when it happened to him, he thought it would be easy to get a replacement or a refund.

John D'Arcy told NBC Philadelphia that the went to a furniture store and purchased a new couch. But when it was delivered, there was a problem.

In the photos he took, it appears as though the center leg doesn't reach the floor. He said he called customer service but couldn't get through.

So, he went back to the store requesting a replacement or a refund.

"I talked to the sales associate there and I had some email correspondence with her, and she said she would get back to me," he said.

D'Arcy said she never did, and five weeks went by before the store sent someone to retrieve the couch. But, still no word on his refund.

D'Arcy said he started calling customer service time and time again. He said at one point, the company did tell him it sent him a gift card, but he never received it.

The furniture store wouldn’t say what caused the delay, but it did say it would be handled.

The National Association of Consumer Advocates has advice for consumers on how you can protect yourself should you have a similar problem. The association said you should:

• Refuse delivery if your item arrives damaged or defective.
• Make your purchase with a credit card.
• If your item's damaged, dispute the charge right away. That way your credit card company can fight for you.

D'Arcy did get his $970 dollar refund for the couch and the company sent him a complimentary $200 gift card.

He said he’ll continue to place delivery orders, and he knows what to do moving forward.

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