Tiny Miracle Baby Goes Home from the Hospital

Watson Jean Breeden went home from Baylor Medical Center on Tuesday, one month after she was due, and six months after she was born.

"I think when we walked in we weren't sure we'd walk out together as a family," said Watson's mother, Lacey Breeden. "That thought, for me, it's what's got me through it to think of that."

Watson was born nearly four months premature. At 11 ounces, she was the smallest preemie born at Baylor University Medical Center. Now, the baby girl weighs nearly 8 pounds. Aside from oxygen tubes in her nose, there is no evidence of the tethers that bound her to an incubator in the NICU for the first months of her young life. NBC 5 was there in December when Breeden held his daughter for the first time.

"It was a miracle," said Watson's dad, Wynn Breeden. "That was it. That's why we're here." Breeden said they've received messages and prayers from around the world.

"All right, let's put your dress on you," Lacey cooed as she donned Watson in a white dress made by her grandmother and a pale yellow sweater knitted by Carmelite nuns in Dallas. "This is the first of many embarrassing moments I'm going to put you through, honey!"

As the family packed their things in the hospital to go home, the reality set in.

"We just wouldn't be here without you guys. We're really grateful to everyone" Lacey told nurses. "I'm going to cry."

Goodbyes aren't easy, even when they are happy ones.

"This is like the moment that kept us going through all of it," Lacey said to Wynn as they rolled Watson's crib toward Baylor Dallas' front doors to head home. Finally.

"Don't worry baby," Wynn replied. "Don't worry baby."

The Breedens said they wanted to share Watson's story to inspire other parents with preemies and give them hope.

"We're excited for the next chapter," Breeden exclaimed. 

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