Timberview HS Shooting Victims Remain in Arlington Hospital

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Two of the four people injured in a shooting at Timberview High School Wednesday morning were still being treated at an Arlington hospital Thursday morning.

Three of the victims were transported to Medical City Arlington, which is about six miles from the school.

A total of four people were injured in the shooting. Police said a pregnant woman had minor injuries and was treated at the scene. A teenage girl had a small abrasion was treated and released from this hospital earlier Wednesday. A 25-year-old man remains in the hospital in good condition along with the 15-year-old male student who is in critical condition

Police say the teenager suffered the most serious injuries and was released from surgery to the ICU Wednesday afternoon.

Investigators have not formally identified the victims, but two young men stood outside Medical City Arlington waiting, saying they were friends with the teen victim and planned to wait to get an update on his condition.

“He is outgoing, he’s a positive person,” said Faroze Fazli

“Courageous too, he’s brave,” said Mario Moore.

“I was like, why shoot him?!,” Fazli continued. “Hopefully he just gets through. He’s a good person at heart, so hopefully Allah got him.”

Another woman who says she is the mom of a teen and a local pastor also visited the hospital. Lakesha Martin says she does not know the victim but felt moved to come and pray for him and his family.

"I am sorrowful for the parents because I can’t imagine my 15-year-old, I have another 15-year-old, in there. He’s not just my son. This son or daughter should be all of ours and we should be praying. My heart is very heavy and all I can do is pray and hopefully that God will work a miracle here. We know him to be a miracle worker so I’m going to call him what he is," said Lakesha Martin.

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