Ticket Prices Dropping from DFW to Mexico City

Increased routes, lower fuel costs contributing to cheaper tickets

There is good news for travelers between Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and Mexico City: Flight options are increasing and ticket prices are going down.

Mexico-based carrier Interjet started flying twice-daily routes between the two airports in March. Starting this summer, low-cost carrier Volaris begins a D/FW-to-Mexico City route.

American Airlines, Aeromexico, United and Delta already offer direct routes between the two airports.

The increased supply for customers has resulted in lower fares, according to FareCompare.com

"We have already seen fares, for example for American Airlines, for direct flights go down up to 10 to 15 percent," said Billy Sanez of FareCompare.com. "When low-cost carriers come into a market like this, and then all of a sudden start dropping prices, you see the legacy airlines drop their prices and maintain as such until demand kind of dries up."

Sanez said that in addition to increased demand from customers, lower fuel costs for airlines has likely been the biggest factor for Interjet and Volaris to add the D/FW-to-Mexico City route.

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