North Texas Couples Talk Relationships on National Spouses Day

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Who needs Valentine's Day?

National Spouses Day, Thursday, gives couples a more than two week head start in Cupid.

NBC 5 approached couples at the Dallas Arboretum and asked them to provide some details about their relationship, particularly what keeps them bonded to one another.

Bill and Liz - Married 45 Years

What keeps you interested?
Liz: He's interesting. He's witty. He's very...
Bill: Crazy?
(both laugh)
Liz: He's very lovable.

Tell us about your wedding day.
Liz: The wedding day I was very happy. I cried, happy crying. So I guess it was a very good day and I was happy to marry a good man.

After Liz said she doesn't tell him these things enough:
Bill: I think we know each other well enough that she doesn't have to tell me all the time. I don't need any confirmation.

Tell us about you like best about Liz.
Bill: She's nice. We raised three kids very well together, and we are family oriented. It's just a good marriage.

Doug and Jan - Married 38 Years

Tell us about your wife.
Doug: She's beautiful. She is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen, you know. And we've been together for 38 years, and she's still beautiful. She's the nicest person I've ever met. And see the smile? She wakes up like that in the morning, she goes to bed like that at night.

Why do you smile so much?
Jan: Because I'm very happy. I have a wonderful husband and I just love him.

How did you two get together?
Jan: We became friends and I think that's very important. Friends first and then lovers second. And then came marriage.

How do you like to spend your time together?
Jan: I'm his entertainment director. So when he wakes up at 5:30 in the morning and then I get up later he says, "Honey, what are we doing today?" We're going to the Dallas arboretum.

Siva and Shalvi - Engaged

When did you meet?
Siva: I met her like 2 and a half years before. God gifted her to me on a morning. I was carried away in the same day and I felt like I have to tell her. I have to propose on the same day but I couldn't because I was afraid. I then conveyed my message to her after two days but it took a few days and a few weeks [for her] to accept the proposal.

What did you think about a marriage proposal after two days?
Shalvi: I never responded to him nicely. I was like he's just trying to flirt around with me so I just ignored him. After that I just tried to know him better, how he's behaving with me, how he talks with me how nice he is.

What do you see in her?
Siva: It's not just the beauty or the exterior attraction, but it's something that is magnetic.

What do you like best about him?
Shalvi: Even though I get angry or anything like that he was very patient with me and until now he is very patient with me. I'm kind of the person who will shout at him but he will not reply to me back by shouting because someone has to let go things, someone has to compromise, right? And he is that kind, so that is what helps me keep calm.

Mike and Brooke - Married 3 Years

How they got together:
Mike: It just made sense. We were best friends for years before we ever decided to start dating, so we figured it was a pretty good fit. It just took us a while to figure out exactly what we wanted in life.

About their wedding day:
Mike: I'd known her for a while but whenever she had actually got her dress on and all dolled up it was kind of like seeing her again for the first time it was nice.
Brooke: He's being sappy. Not overly sappy. But I'm probably sappy about him too though so it works out.

About their infant daughter Alice's impact on their marriage:
Brooke: It's really cheesy, but when I had her I was like, "Wow, I didn't know I could love my husband more than I already did." But then I was like holy crap. I was like, "I love her, but I love him even more for giving me her."

Charles and Joy - Married 66 Years

Seeing Joy for the first time:
[He and two friends went to a Lakewood-area drug store]
Charles: The three of us noticed there were three pretty girls and this was the prettiest right here of the three. And so that was our meeting. I didn't let her get off the dance floor that night and let the other guys dance with her.

Did you think you'd be together this long?
Joy: When we traded pictures and I signed my picture to him, "Forever love." And it's always been forever love.

About how he keeps her interested:
Joy: He says such wonderful things to me and he remembers me and he still opens the car door for me. He treats me like his queen. And I treat him like my king.

The secret to their long marriage:
Charles: We came to respect the fact that we disagreed sometimes and when we got a little hot under the collar we'd say, "Oh forgive me." And she'd forgive me, and vice versa. So the forgiveness is really the key to a long marriage and a happy marriage, because scripture says, "Don't let the sun go down on your wrath." So don't stay mad about anything you know. What does it matter in eternity?

North Texans Celebrate #NationalSpousesDay

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