3 Things You Need to Know About the Wi-Fi ‘Krack Attack'

The Krack Attack is a newly discovered internet security flaw. It's a bug so vicious that it can cut through secured Wi-Fi networks in homes and businesses.

The Problem

If a hacker gains access through this type of attack, that person would have a front row seat to everything on your network. 

From your private chats on apps to baby monitors, if the device uses Wi-Fi, it can be hacked.

How It Works

The attack takes advantage of what's known as "the four way handshake."

This process between a device and a router delivers a fresh, encrypted session every time you get online.

That encryption is what is supposed to make your data uncrackable.

This newly discovered bug can crack that encryption, leaving all of your data exposed.

Good News

Experts at DKB Innovative, though, say they don't know of anyone who actually has these "krack" tools yet.

And many manufacturers have already released several patches across multiple platforms to close this loophole.

More Good News

Hackers can't just do this anywhere.

They have to be physically close to the Wi-Fi network. So they couldn't do this overseas.

Samantha Chatman's Solutions

• Make sure all of your devices are updated. Manufacturers will usually send your device a reminder, but it's up to you to authorize the update.

• You can also try using connections other than Wi-Fi, such as your cell phone's 3G or 4G connection

• You can also try using a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, which can give you another layer of protection

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