Three Dallas Highways on List of America's Worst Bottlenecks

Three Dallas highways were included in a new study of the worst bottlenecks in the country.

American Highway Users Alliance says 1.1 miles of Woodall Rodgers Freeway, a less than half mile stretch of Interstate 20 between St. Paul and Interstate 45 and another less than half mile stretch of U.S. 75 between North Haskell Ave and Texas State Highway Spur 366 made the list.

According to the study the Woodall Rodgers bottleneck ranked No. 27 and causes 1.1 million hours of total delays annually. That cost $26 million in lost time and more than 470,000 gallons in wasted fuel annually.

The worst bottleneck in the country belonged to a 12-mile stretch of Interstate 90 in Chicago, while Los Angeles claimed spots two through seven in the Top 10.

Austin broke into the Top 10 list at No. 10 with I-35 between East Riverside Drive and East Dean Keeton Street.

"This report furthers the unassailable truth that America is stuck in traffic. The good news is that this problem is solvable, and Congress can be part of the solution. As a long-term surface transportation bill moves through conference, I urge our elected leaders to provide the funding growth and policies that are necessary to improve commutes, to raise the bar for safety, and to keep the country moving in the 21st century." said U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx.

Besides identifying and ranking the nation’s 50 worst traffic bottlenecks, the study, Unclogging America's Arteries 2015, examines the top 30 chokepoints closely and details many of the major benefits of fixing them.

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Unclogging Report Foreward Exec Summary and Charts as of 11 20 (Text)
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