Three-City Chase Ends at DFW Airport

Ramiro Cano, 19, refused to pull over for speeding

A man is under arrest, accused of leading Grand Prairie police on a 40-minute chase across three cities Thursday night. 

Grand Prairie police say Ramiro Cano, 19, refused to pull over for speeding around Interstate 20 and Great Southwest Parkway at about 11 p.m. and the chase began. 

Cano led officers north on state Highway 360 toward the airport, according to police. He tried to cross through the grassy median when he lost control of his pickup, according to police. His truck came face-to-face with the officers’ squad cars. Police say that is when Cano started smashing into the police vehicles. 

The officers pinned Cano’s truck and insist they noticed Cano reaching down to the floorboard where they found a gun. No one fired shots, but officers said the outcome could have been much worse.

“It could have been extremely different had he been reaching for the firearm," said Lyle Gensler, with the Grand Prairie Police Department. "We’re not sure what he was going to do with it, but considering he just rammed a police vehicle, we can only assume that he was getting ready to use that firearm on that police officer."

There was also a woman inside of the truck during the chase. She’s cooperating with officers and won’t be charged.

Police said Cano endangered his life and officers’ lives.

A preliminary search showed no arrest history for Cano, however, NBC 5 later learned that Cano had been arrested before for evading arrest and for driving while intoxicated. Cano is expected to be charged with evading arrest and unlawfully carrying a firearm.

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