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Threat on Social Media Forces Denton High School to Cancel Pep Rally

Denton police investigating after student reports threat seen on a popular social media platform

denton high school
NBC 5 News

Denton High School says an unsubstantiated threat led school officials to cancel a pep rally scheduled for Thursday morning.

In a letter to parents, school officials said a student spotted a threat directed toward the campus on a "popular social media platform."

"While the threats have not been verified by the Denton Police Department, know that we are currently working through details and an investigation," school officials wrote in the letter.

Further details about the threat, including whether any specific person or group attending the pep rally was targeted, have not been released.

Though the pep rally was canceled, classes at Denton High School are proceeding on a normal schedule.

"The safety of our students and staff is of the utmost importance to us and we wanted to assure you that at no time was there a danger to our campus nor were our students or staff in harm’s way," school officials wrote in the letter.

This week Denton High School is playing Denton Ryan High School. Other than the canceled pep rally, there have been no announced changes to any other scheduled events.

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