Thousands Watch Garland Labor Day Parade

67th Annual Garland Labor Day Parade

At least 7,000 people took the streets to watch the annual Garland Labor Day Parade on Monday.

For 67 years, they’ve been celebrating the fruits of their labor with the show of pride.

"This is just the celebration of America, you know?" said Garland resident Kevin Perry. "This is a great thing and I love to have the atmosphere.”

The Garland Labor Day parade is described as the largest Labor Day Parade west of the Mississippi.

"Labor Day is big across the country, and it represents all the people, the hardworking people in the country, that's why we have a special day for all our workers," said Jeff Muessig from the Garland Noon Exchange Club.

Thousands from Garland, Richardson, Sachse and Rowlett lined the streets watching a show many have seen growing up.

"This has become a tradition for me and my family since I was little. We're talking 30 years ago. This is a great parade,” said Perry.

It’s the first year the Garland Noon Exchange has hosted the two-mile long parade. At least 2,000 participants, including horses and seven high school bands took the streets.

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