Thousands of Dollars of DPD Equipment Stolen

Black Raid Jacket among the missing gear

Dallas police are working to recover thousands of dollars worth of items stolen from an undercover Dallas Police officer's car Friday.

In addition to nine millimeter ammo and a police radio, investigators are most concerned about a missing department raid jacket. “The main concern is someone trying to pass themselves off as a police officer, when they are not,” Dallas Police Lt. Andy Harvey said. 

Along with the undercover officer’s holster, handcuffs and night stick, the crook also got away with an all access identification card for Dallas’ Love Field Airport. The badge was immediately deactivated and it will no longer work.

While officers are not too concerned about a security breach at the Dallas airport, they are admittedly worried about someone trying to impersonate them. Lt. Harvey said, “We want the equipment and the uniform back as soon as possible.”

 Dallas Police say this should be a good reminder that you can always ask an officer to see his badge or identification. You can also always call 911 to confirm the legitimacy of a traffic stop.
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