Thousands Try Out For “The Voice”

Braving triple digit temperatures, close to 4,500 people showed up in Irving on Saturday to audition for NBC’s hit show, The Voice.

“It would mean the world to me because I could just achieve all my dreams, help my family and do what I love for the rest of my life. It would open up so many doors,” said Dallas resident LaKiesha Michelle.

Contestants started lining up as early as 4:00 a.m. outside the Irving Convention Center.

Many families made the drive from nearby states, like Oklahoma and Louisiana.

 “I’ve honestly been dreaming about making it on some sort of show to sing ever since I was little. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do,” said Mustang, Oklahoma, resident Courtney Mills.

For some, it took more than five hours to make it through the entire audition process.

Families brought lawn chairs, umbrellas and coolers to wait outside in the Texas heat.

Once inside, contestants had to wait several more hours before The Voice crew members led them into a smaller room 10 at a time to audition.

“They’ll come in, they usually sing about a verse and a chorus of a song that they’ve been practicing and preparing. Sometimes we like to hear a second song from potential singers,” said Voice Casting Director Michelle McNulty.

“If I like somebody right here and now I will call them back immediately… You never know what’s going to come through. Sometimes I get a room and I can give four call-backs within a group of ten, sometimes it takes a while,” McNulty explained.

Alexa Holmes, who's from Lubbock, was one of the select few who made it to the next round.

“I’m really excited and kind of want to cry,” exclaimed the 15-year-old.

Holmes sang Christina Perri’s, ‘Jar of Hearts,’ during her audition.

She said the judges told her she was unique and confident.

Holmes said while watching seasons one and two of The Voice, she decided she should audition for the show.

“I was like you know, I think it’s mine. I think it’s my time to try out. I’ve always wanted to do something this big and I finally did it and I did it!”

Contestants who received a call-back will audition for show producers next week.

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